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Tricare Online Appointments

Tricare Online Appointments

Tricare Online Appointments – Defense Health Agency (DHA) officials say the TRICARE® Online (TOL) patient portal site will be easier and faster for users.

“The goal is to give patients the tools to manage their health,” explained COL Rich Wilson, DHA J6 component of the Health Information Technology Directorate. “TOL has improved productivity and capabilities over the years. The TOL Patient Portal provides simple access to central patient registration, prescriptions, medical records, secure notifications and more.

Tricare Online Appointments

More than 675,000 beneficiaries regularly access TOL to perform a variety of health care activities, including confirming appointments at military hospitals and clinics, accessing Defense and Veterans Administration personal health information, and requesting prescription refills. Recent enhancements to the Patient Portal include updates to TOL’s login and home page with a cleaner, visually appealing design and directional graphics, making it easier for users to quickly find and connect to TOL patient portal information and services.

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The upgrade is the first of a two-phase process to improve the user experience of the TOL patient portal. Improvements planned for Phase 2 include the introduction of mobile access, a redesign of the TOL module, and expanded capabilities.

The Phase 2 update will also include unified access to the Secure Messaging app, which allows patients to send secure emails to their healthcare team. With the Phase 2 update, users will no longer need to log in to secure messages separately after logging into the TOL patient portal.

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