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Tricare Online My Genesis

Tricare Online My Genesis

Tricare Online My Genesis – All beneficiaries should prepare Blanchfield Army Regional Hospital and all Fort Campbell medical services to implement MHS GENESIS, a new electronic health record.

As a BACH beneficiary, what can you do to prepare for this development? And a new patient portal is coming soon on June 3, 2023.

Tricare Online My Genesis

Appointment slots on the TRICARE Online Patient Portal (TOL) close one week (7 days) prior to MHS GENESIS deployment. Fort Campbell’s MHS GENESIS Go Live date is June 3, 2023, so the Patient Portal Sick TOL deadline is May 26, 2023.

Access To Tricare Online Patient Portal Materials Just Got Easier

The TOL Patient Prescription Portal will close two days prior to the MHS GENESIS go-live date. And more people can message their care teams through the TOL patient portal and secure messaging. TRICARE beneficiaries who create a DS Logon account will instead use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

Provides her 24/7 access to electronic medical records. Enable you to exchange secure messages with your care team. Create prescription renewals Schedule appointments online View lab and radiology results Conduct a fully professional pre-consultation via clipboard and look up health information in the health library.

Announcement date for MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Registration Update and Secure Messaging Go Live will be shared in Spring 2023.

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