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Tricare Online Dod

Tricare Online Dod

Tricare Online Dod – Tricare customers can use to manage appointments, view referrals and view lab results. (Jacob Sippel/Naval Hospital Jacksonville)

Gone are the days of waiting on the phone for your local treatment facility’s appointment line to open so you can get one of their day care appointments for you or your sick child.

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Tricare Online Dod

With Tricare’s automated online system, you can take care of a variety of other problems without sounding the alarm. allows users to schedule, change or cancel hospital or clinic appointments, including same-day appointments. It also allows users to view radiology and laboratory results, medication profiles and immunization records. There is also no need to call the pharmacy on base to fill it or go there and wait to order. Users can use the system to fill prescriptions for admission at a hospital or clinical pharmacy.

Another feature of is the ability to communicate directly with your primary care provider or his or her team. You can use the service to send questions or other messages about your care. While it’s not a good idea to send urgent questions, it may take a few days for the team to hear back – a good way to ask questions about referrals or other urgent matters.

One thing to note is that if you have children, they won’t appear on your profile at first. Sponsor will need to allow children access to your account so you can meet them, get lab results, etc. you can see As with most sites, this site is best viewed in Safari or Internet Explorer, which Microsoft will be deprecating in June 2022 and replace Microsoft Edge.

By January 2015, Tricare officials said, the revamped system will be available to any hospital or clinic, including those in the community, to make it easier to use. It cannot help you meet or communicate with providers outside the treatment center.

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To access, you must have a DS account, a Defense Financial Account Service (DFAS) login, or a Common Access Card (CAC) reader. If you do not have a DS application, you can apply for one on the website. Although the password requirements for DS access are a little tricky, it’s a good idea to have one. This application is used on many Department of Defense websites, including OneSource. Once you make it, you don’t need to make it again.

Tricare customers can learn how to navigate the website through YouTube video tutorials developed by Tricare.

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