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Cif Fort Bliss Phone Number

Cif Fort Bliss Phone Number

Cif Fort Bliss Phone Number – Have you lost any gear on FTX? Your dishes may have been stolen from a shipping container in Korea. Or maybe you have excess furniture you want to sell, but a surplus store offers you pennies in return.

Usually, you search for lost equipment on the Internet and pay a crazy amount in CIF. However, with the new Battle Rattle platform, you can now purchase this equipment from other military players in the online marketplace. If you have excess inventory, you may also be the recipient of the sale of these transactions.

Cif Fort Bliss Phone Number

The platform is still in development, but will be available in a few months. You can currently sign up for early access on their website here.

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The site is operated by the subscription service. This includes a location that allows you to determine the distance to the seller. With a simple door-to-door shipping option, you can say goodbye to long CIF lines. If you need supplies before ETS or PCS, look no further! $

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