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Humana Medicare Dental Provider Phone Number

Humana Medicare Dental Provider Phone Number

Humana Medicare Dental Provider Phone Number – Humana 2022Medicare AdvantageDental Office Manual The information required to provide dental services from Humana’s Medicare Advantage Dental Office Manual can be found at: Humana/SBLC13371ALL0821_GHHKVWUEN 0921

In the table below, you will find the 2022 Medicare Advantage Dental Benefits document that matches the six-digit DEN code listed on the back of your patient’s Humana MA ID card. These performance documents, listed in numerical order, contain the performance codes and frequencies covered by the American Dental Association (ADA). Click on the DEN number to open the summary. Click on the day number link below to access the Days 2022 Humana Dental Benefits: DEN132 DEN DEN134 DEN138 DEN151 DEN152 DEN153 DEN154 DEN167 DEN170 DEN171 DEN176 DEN178 DEN179 DEN181 DEN182 DEN183. DEN184 DEN185 DEN186 DEN DEN188 DEN189 DEN194 DEN204 DEN205 DEN206 DEN207 DEN242 DEN269 DEN DEN283 DEN286 DEN310 DEN311 DEN312 DEN3513EN3EN3EN 33 DEN334 DEN338 DEN339 DEN342 DEN345 DEN347 DEN DEN350 DEN351 DEN352 DEN353 DEN354 DEN355 DEN356 DEN360 DEN369 DEN371 DEN379 DEN382 DEN385 DEN390 DEN4 52 DEN462 DEN352 553 DEN554 DEN580 DEN603 DEN611 DEN DEN616 DEN622 DEN629 DEN630 DEN631 DEN633EN64MK 51 DEN653 DEN654 DEN660 DEN662 DEN663 DEN722 DEN DEN747 DEN748 DEN756 DEN760 DEN767 DEN768 DEN770 DEN786 DEN787 DEN 791 DEN792 DEN747 DEN838 DEN848 DEN852 DEN852 6 DEN DEN887 DEN890 DEN898 DEN906 DEN916 DEN946 DEN947 DEN975 DEN976 DEN978 DEN979 DEN980 DEN981 DEN981 982 DEN982 DEN982 DEN983 DEN is the best win of the year. Instead of downloading or printing the document, visit the link provided above (click on the DEN number to open the link). As they are updated throughout the year they will be listed below.

Humana Medicare Dental Provider Phone Number

Use this table to quickly identify the Medicare Advantage dental benefits that fit your benefit plan design – I. Example of a Medicare Advantage ID

Humana Medicare Advantage Plan Review (2024)

Please verify that the information in our provider directory is correct for your dental practice. Visit Humana/DentistFinder and follow the steps below. The HumanaDental Medicare Network is used by Medicare Advantage plans for people who purchased their plan outside of Florida. The Carrington Medicare Network is used by Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans for Florida residents. If you find information that requires updating, please call Humana Provider Customer Service at 800-833-2223, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. If your dental practice is contracted through one of our network partners, please contact that partner to update your information. See Section V.

Access Welcome to the HumanaDental Medicare Network. This Welcome Guide shows how to submit a claim for Medicare Advantage (referred to as Humana Dental in the Welcome Guide). It also includes steps to access the secure dental website (click here) where you can check patient eligibility and benefits. Our Humana/Provider/Dentist-Resource Dental Provider website provides information on: – Dental credentials and supplemental credentials – Setting up electronic referrals – Submitting claims online through DentalExchange – Documenting claims – The Humana Medicare Payer ID (Humana Dental) is 73288. For dental claims – Medicare compliance regulations – and other dental assistance, please contact Humana Provider customer service at 800-833-2223, Mon.

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