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Ieee International Conference On Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

Ieee International Conference On Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

Ieee International Conference On Blockchain And Cryptocurrency – The nature and popularity of blockchain technology will completely change the way digital systems and networks operate. Until then, the application of blockchain will present a variety of complex problems and new situations, bringing open problems and new challenges to the research community.

IEEE Blockchain-2024 is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 19-22 August 2024. The purpose of the conference is to stimulate community-wide discussions to identify emerging applications, technologies and ideas for blockchain. We seek to present papers that develop new technologies, investigate new applications, present innovative methods, suggest proposed research directions, and discuss unresolved issues.

Ieee International Conference On Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

As a promising technique for achieving consensus, blockchain has been successfully applied to digital currencies, for example, Bitcoin, as a public ledger for transactions. Secure design to support high tolerance distributed computing systems is gaining attention worldwide. Blockchain has great potential to create new foundations for social and economic systems to effectively build trust between people and machines, reduce costs and increase resource utilization. On the other hand, Blockchain will play an important role in the secure distribution of power in emerging areas such as Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, Edge Computing, Social Networks, Crowdsourcing and Communication, Next Generation Cables and others. platform. On the other hand, its development should be advanced in terms of scalability, security, privacy, efficiency, flexibility, resilience, real power distribution and reliability.

Post Quantum Distributed Ledger Technology: A Systematic Survey

After the success of IEEE Blockchain 2023 held in Ocean Flower Island, China, IEEE Blockchain 2022, held in Espoo, Finland, IEEE Blockchain 2021 held in Melbourne, Australia, IEEE Blockchain 2020 held in Rhodes Island, Greece, IEEE Blockchain 2020 held in Atlanta, USA, IEEE Blockchain 2018, Halifax, Canada 2024 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain (Blockchain-2024) will provide a high-quality and high-level platform for researchers, engineers and practitioners to present. Recent advances and innovations in fundamental theory, infrastructure, policies, and applications that are important to blockchain, as well as identifying emerging research topics and defining the future.

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